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Virtual School Support

Get School Support at
Sterling Enrichment Center!

This school year will be different than any of us could imagine, and you aren’t alone.

We have a variety of ways to help your child stay on track and help you manage it all!

If you need support with your new school schedule, whether it be on hybrid days or if your school is 100% virtual, your child can come to our centers for in-person support. We’re open during regular school hours to provide your family a safe and secure place for your child on remote learning days (or any day you need)!

Many families are looking for solutions that allow their children to continue safely learning at home. Now you can experience the high-quality, proven education we’ve always had through on-site in-person individual learning in a small group setting.

Our certified teachers teach face-to-face personalized instruction.

Sterling Enrichment Center has been supporting families as they navigate their child’s education journey. We are dedicated to helping your family now, more than ever.