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Before and After School

Group of studentsAt Sterling Enrichment Center, we firmly believe that learning doesn’t have to stop just because the school bell has rung to indicate that school hours are over. This is why we offer first-rate and reliable after (or before) school programs that will enhance your child’s learning and growth even further!

In line with our school’s theme, “Soaring Higher” – we aim to further build and foster your child’s growth in many different areas that might not necessarily be covered in their academic curriculum in the classroom. Offering a wide range of activities, our after-school programs seek to increase your child’s academic scores, help them build character, develop their confidence, and help improve their connection to people and institutions.

Sterling Enrichment Center has dedicated educators during these after-school programs who are genuinely invested in your child’s growth. We provide patient mentorship, job training/college readiness advice, internship prospects, and countless other opportunities that will only serve to help further your child’s advancement! Truly, we just want your child “Soaring Higher” and to achieve the highest level of success in everything and anything that they want to do.

Interested in learning more about our after school program? Please don’t think twice about calling 469-868-6099 for more information. We look forward to helping you soon.