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About Us

Students are studying at the library Sterling Enrichment Center is a collaborative youth center in Duncanville, TX that offers a wide range of programs and activities that help in building young people’s competence in multiple areas, as well as develop their confidence, connection to people and institutions, character, and compassion.

Our team of unapologetically driven educators are dedicated to offering mentorship, job training, and unending support to help the youth and young adults in “Soaring Higher”

At Sterling Enrichment Center, we genuinely care about the future of our youth. To learn more about us, please don’t think twice about calling 469-868-6099 for more information. We look forward to helping your child “Soaring Higher” today!

Sterling Enrichment Center is available to work with your organization to develop a training schedule that will fit your program’s needs.

We train in the following areas for your organization:

  • Risk Management
    • First Aid and CPR
  • Childcare Classes
  • GED Preparation

What we offer:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Life Saver Enrichment Program
  • Youth Empowerment Services
  • Notary
  • E-commerce

Generally, our seminars are designed for a full day 6-hour session. However, two or three hour sessions can be conducted if the contracting agency chooses a smaller time frame. Our fees are designed to include preparation time and time spent on-site. In addition, we require reimbursement of travel and lodging expenses.
The Sterling Trainer will provide the contracting agency with a master copy of all handout materials relevant to the contracted topics at least one week prior to the scheduled seminar.
We will copy the handout materials for a reasonable copying feeif the contracting agency is unable or unwilling to copy the materials.

Two-Hour Session: $500.00*
Three-Hour Session: $750.00*
Six-Hour Session: $1,200*

*Please add a 50% surcharge for Saturday or Sunday presentations.

*Multi-day sessions require a minimum of 6 hourseach day.

Fees are payable by check, VISA, or MASTERCARDon or before the date of service.